Your guide to a happier, healthier, plant-based life.

I want to help YOU lead a healthier, happier, plant-based life. 

Spirited Vegan is your resource for:

  • vegan and plant-based recipes
  • a thorough step-by-step guide for transitioning to vegan
  • fitness and wellness inspiration

Hi there! I’m Farin.

I’m a vegan ultrarunning mom of two who lives in Central California. I’m also a military wife, a journalist by trade, and a millennial who LOVES subscription delivery services — meal kits, organic veggie boxes, vegan beauty products, outdoorsy stuff — I love it all. I also do my best thinking in the shower, and I love to talk to myself in the car when I’m not listening to podcasts.

Why am I “spirited?” Well, let’s look at the definition:


1. full of energy, enthusiasm, and determination. (Merriam-Webster)

Spirited is just my style!

I tend to do everything in a hurry — from running to cooking to starting a blog — because I’m just so freakin’ enthusiastic and determined!

I’ve done it. Now it’s your turn.

I was once in your shoes. I watched “Forks Over Knives” and “What the Health” and I was inspired to switch to a plant-based diet.

I vowed to lead a compassionate, conscious, and healthy life that was better not only for me, but also for the planet and the other species living on it. 

But I didn’t know how

I had already been mostly vegetarian (full transparency: there were a couple of cheat days in there) for a year.

But if I was going to toss out eggs and dairy products (my beloved cheese!) too, what the heck was I going to eat? 

How would I know if the food I got from the grocery store was vegan? Could I still eat at my favorite restaurants?

Being a journalist and a lifelong lover of conducting in-depth research on my various passions-of-the-month, I dove head-first into the vegan world and figured it all out.

I even went so far as to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, focusing on plant-based eating!

And now I want to share my knowledge with you! 

Where to Start

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