Whenever I watch a plant-based food documentary I think, “This one!! THIS is the one that will make everyone in the world go vegan!”

And sure enough, the plant-based diet gets a surge in popularity. More people are hopping on social media with “Just watched (the latest documentary) Going vegan TODAY!”

But I look around and we’re still the minority.

A very teeny, tiny minority.

Then I watched H.O.P.E.: What You Eat Matters, last night on YouTube and my hope shot through the roof.



H.O.P.E (by the way, it stands for Healing Of Planet Earth) delivers the facts about the detrimental effects of meat and dairy products on human health, and then shows us exactly what the animal ag industry is doing to our planet and the animals.

I LOVE this approach because it hits home with the one thing humans care about the most — themselves.

Yeah, I said it: Humans are selfish.

And you know what? That’s OK.

If humans only switch to a plant-based diet for no other reason than they want to live longer and not suffer from disease, that’s awesome! The planet and the animals will still benefit.

Eat Plants For Your Health

H.O.P.E. What You Eat Matters goes “straight to the horse’s mouth” for the research that tells us why meat and milk products are bad for us. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. T. Colin Campbell explain their decades of research, and their stories are interwoven with the stories of former cardiac and cancer patients who cured their diseases with a plant-based diet.

I have several “favorite” quotes from this movie, and here’s one of them, form Dr. Esselstyn:

Mic drop.

This goes back to the title of the movie: “Hope.” When heart attack patients realize they caused their own disease, they’re empowered to reverse it. They’re given hope!

Heart disease isn’t necessarily a death sentence, nor must you take pills for the rest of your life to keep symptoms at bay. Don’t medicate the symptoms, get rid of the CAUSE of the disease: a diet high in animal proteins and processed food.

Eat Plants For The Planet

The film then dives into animal ag’s impact on the earth. From habitat destruction to water consumption to greenhouse gas emissions and more — this documentary touches on all of it.

And if the people watching don’t care about the planet, maybe they’ll care about the starving children who have nothing to eat because about three-fourths of the grain and soybeans grown on the planet are fed to livestock instead of humans.

And there you have it: the answer to ending world hunger.

Eat Plants For The Animals

Finally, the film goes deep into animal cruelty aspect of factory farming. I feel almost desensitized from all the slaughterhouse footage I’ve seen in the past couple of years. But even this film showed me things I’d never seen with my own eyes before. Things I’d only heard about.

Note: the factory farm and slaughterhouse footage was filmed in Europe. Filming like that isn’t allowed in the U.S. because of federal “ag gag” laws. (Duh. Because if more Americans saw what was going on in factory farms and slaughterhouses on their own soil, they would stop eating that shit.)

The filmmakers did an amazing job of finding former dairy farmers, former butchers, and former slaughterhouse workers who spoke on camera about the inner workings of the industries.

This is where one of my other favorite quotes comes in, (from a former dairy farmer):

Parental discretion is advised when you get into the animal cruelty portion of the movie. I know my kids would probably be traumatized by the cruelty and murder.

(Isn’t it absurd that you can stroll through the grocery store and see animal carcasses — dead bodies, people! — yet we only hide the actual killing part from the kids?)

How To Watch

Okay, okay … I’ve said enough … Now go watch the movie!!

It’s free on the website, on YouTube, and you can even contact the filmmakers to setup a free screening near you.


And invite your omnivore friends.

No, it’s not being a pushy vegan … it’s potentially saving a whole lot of lives.

And with that, here’s my absolute favorite quote from the movie, from Jane Goodall:


Watch it here! Just push play!

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